The Advantages of Semi Trucks for Long-Distance Hauling
The Advantages of Semi Trucks for Long-Distance Hauling

The Advantages of Semi Trucks for Long-Distance Hauling

When you think about shipping goods, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a semi truck. Maybe that’s because over seventy percent of domestic freight is shipped via semi trucks. Or perhaps it’s because we constantly see trucks in our day to day lives. You can get on the highway and see a handful of 18 wheeler trucks in a day. Meanwhile, most people don’t come into contact with trains or ships hauling freight every day. In any case, trucks have proved themselves to be great for long-distance hauling. Read along to learn all of the advantages to choosing long haul trucking. 

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What is Long-Distance Hauling? 

Long-distance hauling, as opposed to regional or local hauling, is a trucking practice. Long haul trucking is also known as “over the road trucking” because heavy duty trucks travel long distances. These long distances are usually at least 250 miles from the truck’s starting point. Long haul truck drivers can drive loads from city to city, state to state, or even across the country. Because of the greater distance, long haul trucks are typically a bit different from short haul trucks in that they have more spacious cabs. Usually, long-distance hauling requires the trucker to spend multiple nights on the road. This is why long haul cabs tend to have sleeping and living areas built into them. The greater the distance the cargo travels, the more planning and logistics go into each trip. 

Alternatives to Long Haul Truck Driving

When we’re talking about delivering goods domestically, long haul truck driving might seem like a no-brainer. When delivering domestically, or within the United States, using ocean freight methods isn’t logical for most deliveries, which takes ocean freight off the table. Another option for hauling freight domestically is by train. However, you might find more cons than pros when hauling cargo by rail. 

It’s true that shipping by rail is more reliable and environmentally friendly than other modes of transportation. But you’ll typically have to rely on intermodal means of transportation when using trains because the mobility of trains is very limited compared to hauling by truck. A shipment usually has to be hauled to a train station by a truck. From there, it has to be loaded onto the train and make the majority of its journey by rail. Then, when it gets close enough, it will likely have to be loaded onto another truck to reach its destination. This can be more complex than necessary and often comes with extra costs. Additionally, it’s certainly not the fastest way to ship freight. 

Then you also have to consider shipping by plane. This is obviously the fastest way to get cargo from one place to another, but it’s also the most costly. Plus, it’s worse for the environment than long haul truck driving. Moving products by air also has space limitations. Generally, planes have less cargo space than most other modes of transport. In addition, planes pose the same problems as moving freight by train – the need for intermodal transportation. This can be an issue if you’re shipping goods to more rural areas. Some destinations can be located hours away from the nearest airport. Not only that, but the reliability of air transportation is fickle and subject to changes in weather. 

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Benefits of Hiring Long-Distance Truckers

For the most part, hiring long-distance truckers for hauling products is generally considered cost-effective. With all of the technology out there for truckers to optimize their routes, long-distance hauling can be more productive. Long-distance truckers are also known to be great at delivering at specific times. The same cannot be said for goods transported by rail or plane. When one of the most important aspects of the job is timeliness, trucks seem more appealing to many companies. Additionally, trucks are the only way that you can avoid intermodal transportation. Switching the mode of transportation can often complicate or slow down the shipping process. And trucks are the only mode of transportation that can deliver from door to door almost one hundred percent of the time. Trucks are also more reliable than any other transportation method listed here.

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Choose Long-Distance Hauling and Buy Your Truck Today

As you can see, there is a wide array of benefits to long-distance hauling by semi truck. It’s typically affordable, fast, easy, and, most importantly, reliable. This is why so many companies choose to ship via semi truck. As trucking technology continues to improve, there are more and more reasons to invest in semi trucks for shipping cargo. There are new ways to optimize routes, making them more cost and fuel efficient. Additionally, trucking is becoming a more sustainable method of shipping each and every day. Not only does semi truck technology curb fuel consumption, electric semis are seeming to be the wave of the future and one day many take over the industry. As climate change becomes more of a problem in our world, companies are feeling pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Believe it or not, trucking might be the solution for you. 

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