Top Semi Trailer Manufacturers

If you’re searching for top semi trailer manufacturers to meet your needs, consider a few key points: quality of construction and durability. Semi-trailer manufacturing is challenging, so let’s talk about who takes this challenge and produces the best freight trailers. Find out who provides the best quality and the longest lasting trailers. Our Handshake fleet partners offer some of the top trucks and trailers available today. 

Utility Trailers

Utility is the world’s top semi trailer manufacturer of strong, lightweight semi truck trailers. Utility is an innovative manufacturer of dry freight vans, refrigerated vans, and flatbeds. They remain the largest producer of refrigerated vans and one of the largest trailer manufacturers in the United States. Advanced semi trailer manufacturing and strong company values stand out. With quality built into each design, these trailers aren’t released until proven. This is how utility performs to a higher level of dependability and performance.

Fontaine Trailers

As one of the world’s top semi trailer manufacturers, Fontaine produces platform trailers and heavy specialty trailers for commercial use. Their commercial freight trailers offer aluminum, steel, combo, and tandem models supported by an extensive dealer network. Fontaine is well known for its revolutionary approaches to product design and manufacturing. On top of all this, they provide fantastic value. Additionally, their customer service is unsurpassed, so you can rest easy knowing you will receive only the highest-grade products to suit your needs.

Great Dane Trailers

For over 120 years, Great Dane has provided fleets with the tools they need to thrive in a connected ecosystem designed to get on and stay on the road. From dry vans to their legendary reefers, Great Dane’s dynamic lines of semi truck trailers and truck bodies get fleets on the road safely and efficiently. Great Dane has unveiled innovative semi trailer manufacturing to represent the company’s focus on end-to-end solutions through an integrated Great Dane ecosystem.

great dane trailer
wabash reefer

Wabash Trailers

Wabash National Corporation offers dry freight vans, refrigerated vans, platform trailers, converter dollies, intermodal equipment, and liquid tank trailers. One of the company’s signature features was its ability to design customized semi-trailers for diverse industries, which minimized risk while spurring growth. Another factor is product innovation focused on solving industry issues and increasing the efficiency of existing cargo-carrying systems. One example is the aluminum plate trailer which allowed two standard pallets to travel side by side on its 99-inch-wide floor.

Dorsey Trailers

Dorsey is an industry leader in manufacturing freight trailers designed for various industries. They’ve provided these durable yet versatile trailers since 1945 using computer-assisted design technology and skilled craftspeople at their state-of-the-art facility in Dorsey, Texas. Dorsey Trailers manufactures an assortment of trailers made from steel and aluminum materials, such as drop flats, tipper vans, intermodal chassis trailers, and intermodal chassis trailers. Their models span 96 and 102 inches widths while lengths vary from 40 to 53 feet long.

dorsey trailer

Manac Trailers

Manac Trailer’s portfolio comprises vans, flatbeds, forestry semitrailers, low beds chassis, grain hoppers, and other specialty units. Manac offers parts and services for its products. It is known for its solid and long-wearing trailers with balanced volumes and weights for optimal performance. It has established a solid position within the Canadian trucking market through its product offerings of custom trailers. Products of Manac Canada are sold under several brands, such as CPS, Peerless, Darkwing UltraPlate, and Liddell Canada. 

Mac Trailer Mfg

MAC Trailer stands as one of the premier semi trailer manufacturers in the nation. Their semi truck trailers are specially tailored for hauling sand, gravel, dirt, and other abrasive substances. They offer an assortment of specialty and custom-built trailers, such as drop deck/step trailers, MLP 6 flatbed trailers, and liquid tank trailers. MAC Trailer offers DOT inspection services as part of our annual service agreement, where certified inspectors inspect your trailer and its components to ensure they comply with federal DOT regulations. MAC Trailer also provides physical damage coverage that covers the value of damaged trailers in case they need replacing, protecting freight brokers and auto haulers against financial loss due to trailer damage. This coverage can help avoid unexpected financial burdens associated with trailer replacement costs.

Transcraft Trailers

Transcraft’s vast product portfolio includes flatbeds, drop decks, dump trailers, and truck bodies for various commercial vehicles and construction industries. These trailers are built to the highest quality standards and can easily handle even your toughest hauls, from transporting steel coils or oil field supplies to heavy equipment such as steel beams. Additionally, they boast excellent customer service teams and fun work environments!

Trail King Trailers

Trail King Trailers is a premier North American manufacturer of trailers designed for construction, agriculture, transportation, waste & recycling, and specialized hauling industries. Their load capacities span 12,000 pounds to 1 Million Pounds – their products boast quality performance and dependability. Trail King recently announced they were awarded a national cooperative contract through Sourcewell (formerly the National Joint Powers Alliance) for the Trailers With Related Equipment, Accessories & Services category. This deal provides Sourcewell member agencies access to competitive pricing, dedicated service, and an expansive nationwide network of dealers.

East Trailers

East Trailers offers specialty equipment and accessories for the truck trailer industry. East trailers are robust, durable, and innovative investments that make a difference day after day in the transportation industry. East dump trailers are specifically designed to maximize payload capacity while offering strength and durability, keeping you on the job longer, decreasing downtime, and increasing profits. Plus, their lightweight components give these investments maximum resale value!

east trailer

Polar Trailers

Polar Tank Trailer is a proven manufacturer of tank trailers for the chemical, food, petroleum, and bulk transport industries. Each trailer is engineered to deliver solid performance and durability. Polar operates tank trailer service centers to support tank truck sales, installation, and maintenance. Replacement and remanufactured parts for various vehicle types are sold. 

Hyundai Trailers

Although last on our list of the top semi trailer manufacturers, Hyundai’s world-class manufacturing and innovation allow them to craft highly customizable trailers tailored precisely to meet customer cargo specifications. This company specializes in manufacturing dry and refrigerated van trailers, flatbeds, chassis, and dollies, and their headquarters can be found in San Diego, California. They invested in a practical service solution that empowers their customers with access to actionable knowledge, practical tools for doing business, comprehensive support, and comprehensive support services. 

Trailers from Handshake Fleet

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