Can You Get Roadside Assistance for Commercial Vehicles?
Can You Get Roadside Assistance for Commercial Vehicles?

Can You Get Roadside Assistance for Commercial Vehicles?

Vehicles break down on the road every single day, including commercial vehicles. That’s where roadside assistance for commercial vehicles comes in. Commercial insurance companies often offer these plans as an additional valuable option. They may offer certain services you are familiar with, including the roadside assistance plan you have for your vehicle and specialized services for commercial vehicles. When a vehicle needs unexpected service, having a roadside assistance plan can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a significant disruption. 


Why Should You Invest in Semi Truck Roadside Assistance?

Trucking companies and drivers alike know there is always a risk when operating a large vehicle. If they do not invest in semi truck roadside assistance, there is even more risk. Unfortunately, no one can predict when a problem will occur with a truck. There are already many things to consider if you ever find yourself stuck on the side of the road. For example, will you get to your destination on time? Will drop-off still go as planned? Does the cargo need to be kept at a specific temperature but can’t currently? One way to eliminate some of this stress and worry is to have roadside assistance for commercial vehicles. It will give drivers and companies peace of mind knowing there is a solution for the most common problems they may experience. This will reduce lost revenue and save loads of time, helping to maintain business relationships.


What Is Included in Roadside Assistance for Commercial Vehicles?

Each roadside assistance plan will vary depending on the company the plans are through. However, there are many standard services you can expect to see in these plans, including the following:


Roads and highways can be challenging to navigate for various reasons. Snow, rain, ice, and other unseen dangers can lead even experienced drivers stranded on the side of the road. As getting back on the road is extremely important, truck roadside service can include towing. This will allow you to get your vehicle towed to a qualified repair shop and back in action quickly.

Lockout Services

It always feels silly when it happens to you, but it happens nonetheless. If you or one of your drivers is locked out of their vehicle, your roadside assistance plan can get drivers access to their vehicles again. This can significantly decrease downtime.

Battery Boosts and Jump-Starts

Batteries sometimes stop working without any warning. That’s why most roadside assistance plans offer battery boosts or jump-starts to get drivers back on their way again. With the complex electrical systems in today’s semi trucks, jumpstarting a battery is more complicated. If someone inexperienced uses the wrong procedure to jump the battery, it could lead to extensive damage to the electrical system. It is always best to call your truck roadside service provider to ensure the right equipment and techniques.

Fluid Delivery

Multiple fluids could run out while a truck is in use. If a truck needs fuel, oil, or water, semi truck roadside assistance can deliver it.

Tire Change

Tire blowouts are one of the most common issues semi trucks face. They may be caused by driver error, improper installation, or truck overloading. But there’s no need to panic if a tire blowout or flat tire occurs. Truck roadside services often include reliable tire-changing services.

Winching Service

If a commercial vehicle gets trapped in water, mud, sand, or snow, this service will get the vehicle pulled out safely and quickly. Winching service can also help if a truck gets stuck in a ditch with no easy way to get it out.

Brake Issues

Any time you notice an issue with the brakes in a semi truck, you should take action immediately. Brake problems account for nearly 30% of all truck accidents. The brakes in commercial vehicles tend to break down faster than in other cars due to the amount of friction, air pressure, and weather conditions they face. While regular maintenance is best for preventing these issues, roadside assistance can be vital for issues on the road.


What Should You Consider When Choosing Roadside Assistance Plans?

There are two significant factors to consider when choosing the right roadside assistance plan for you. The first is the amount of support it offers you and your drivers. Does the plan cover the most common issues you see with your fleet of vehicles? If any of your loads are time-sensitive, will assistance arrive quickly enough? Make sure you ask yourself questions like these as you look at your options.

The second is, of course, the cost. Prices will likely vary by how many vehicles you need coverage for, the type of vehicles included, and more. Some companies will allow you to pay monthly or annually per vehicle. While some of these costs might seem significant upfront, it’s important to weigh them against how much it would cost if you needed these services and didn’t have coverage. For example, the out-of-pocket cost to tow a semi truck could be around $2,500. Wouldn’t you rather pay a few hundred dollars per year instead, just in case it does happen? It may help to think of the cost of truck roadside service as an investment that can help save you money in the long run. In addition to reliable roadside assistance, when you’re looking for your next reliable commercial truck, connect with Chicago’s Handshake Fleet.

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