The Benefits of a 2023 Kalmar Ottawa
The Benefits of a 2023 Kalmar Ottawa

The Benefits of a 2023 Kalmar Ottawa

Why Should You Purchase a Yard Truck?

Almost every industrial or transportation company owns some form of truck – semi trucks, terminal trucks, shunt trucks, and more. Trucks and transportation are crucial for the success of many businesses. However, enterprises require timely transportation of heavy delivery loads to create a flourishing business. Are you ever worried that your truck may not make it to the drop-off destination during one of these deliveries? What if your truck’s outdated navigation system leads you off route, or a wheel pops and you can’t lift it on its axis? If these are legitimate concerns for you, then Handshake Fleet suggests investing in the new 2023 Kalmar Ottawa trucks. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of the Kalmar trucks, their latest features, and buying versus leasing Kalmar trucks.

Difference Between Types of Trucks

Ottawa truck dealers may sell vehicles by many names, such as yard trucks, shunt trucks, and terminal tractors. While these names may imply different functions, they actually all refer to the same truck. Kalmar trucks are generally referred to as terminal tractors. These trucks all participate in handling cargo at ports, ferry terminals, and industrial facilities or work sites.

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Kalmar Off Road Yard Truck Design

The Kalmar Ottawa off road truck creates smoother, safer, and more efficient transport. The Kalmar Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor with modular chassis is designed to meet heavy load demands while keeping the truck lightweight enough to decrease fuel consumption and increase maneuverability. 

With quick lift cylinders, spherical top, bottom bearings, and increased lift support, the Kalmar Ottawa truck promises an efficient and sturdy design. For comfort and safety in the cabin, the truck features safer entry and exit points, better visibility and protection via mirrors and windows, and overall user-friendly operations. 

If you are considering purchasing the Kalmar Ottawa with Handshake Fleet, consider the truck’s various designs and operations systems: 

Safe Operations

The Kalmar Ottawa 2023 has improved safety and user-friendly operations systems, such as:

  • Step and grab handles for mounting and dismounting the truck
  • High-strength steel cabs with roll-over protection systems
  • Tall and wide-opening doors for easier entry and exit
  • Larger screens and mirrors for improved visibility

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance has never been easier with the newest Kalmar Ottawa model. The 2023 model features:

  • Electric cab tilt for quick access to high-maintenance spots
  • Access to the ground level for routine checks, such as monitoring oil and transmission fluid
  • New front-panel cab systems for speedier access for services and repairs

User Friendly

Kalmar trucks are unparalleled on the market owing to their ergonomic design, user-friendly controls, and other operations systems, including:

  • Larger steering wheels providing better navigation and grip control
  • More responsive control with added suspended control pedals
  • Gauge clusters and rocker switches for easier operation and accessible monitoring systems
  • A dashboard with tons of room for yard management system devices

Works in Any Yard

Manufacturers designed these trucks to operate exceedingly well in any yard. The following functions have contributed to increased searches for Kalmar Ottawas for sale:

  • Fleetguard air cleaners, including pre-cleaner for any off road application
  • A Cummins Stave V engine with a single module after treatment system

Buying Versus Leasing Kalmar Trucks

Purchasing a commercial truck is a huge investment. Before making any large purchase, consider the benefits of your purchase. For example, are you only using the truck for a specific job site, or will you continue to use this truck with other future jobs? Consider how much maintenance you intend to put into a purchased truck. If you are hesitant about investing in Kalmar trucks, consider the benefits of buying versus leasing from an Ottawa truck dealer.

Benefits of Buying

Handshake Fleet assists customers in buying and selling new and pre-owned commercial trucks. Individuals or companies mainly purchase pre-owned trucks to reduce costs. Additionally, there is a lower depreciation rate – just like when you drive a new car, you lose about 20% of its initial value once you use it. However, if the model is relatively new – like the 2023 Kalmar trucks – you get the benefits of better fuel economy and the latest technology.

Benefits of Leasing

While there are so many benefits to buying a new or pre-owned commercial truck, there are also several reasons why you may want to wait or lease first. For starters, commercial trucks are work trucks. Work trucks are costly, with new semi trucks costing anywhere from $40,000 to $120,000

For this reason, many visit Handshake Fleet to find reasonably priced trucks in good to excellent working conditions. As a licensed Ottawa truck dealer, we carefully inspect any Kalmar Ottawa for sale before listing it on our site. Additionally, while older pre-owned vehicles may not have the latest technology, we review all trucks and ensure they receive proper maintenance before resale. 

Global Supply Issues

The recent COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the commercial trucking industry. Indeed, the trucking industry experienced decreased product transport and available trucks and truckers simply due to a need for more new parts. With many manufacturing companies closed or changed during the pandemic, it was and still is challenging to purchase a completely brand-new Kalmar truck. 

Therefore, you have a higher chance of buying a pre-owned truck for a relatively fair price since they are more accessible on the market. Handshake Fleet, however, has their share of 2023 Kalmar trucks for resale for a decent value. 

Additionally, the current fuel economy is a deciding factor when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Leased vehicles usually have fewer visits to the gas pump and repair shops as they are typically newer models. Sometimes, lease agreements may include options for maintenance, which reduces the cost of vehicle ownership by nearly 20 percent.


In some cases, the deciding factor between committing to leasing or purchasing a vehicle is paperwork. We all commiserate with the dull routines of administrative tasks like filing paperwork. Depending on your purchase, there may be less paperwork related to tag and license renewal, payment of title retention, and taxes. Knowing this, we recommend investing in 2023 Kalmar Ottawa trucks to write off as a business expense in the upcoming tax year.

Where Can I Purchase a Kalmar Ottawa for Sale? 

Are you sold on the Kalmar trucks and wondering where you can purchase your very own Kalmar Ottawa for sale? Visit Handshake Fleet for a stellar experience. At Handshake Fleet, we aim to create an effortless buying and selling experience. When you shop with our company, we promise to deliver only the best quality trucks and trailers for a fair price. 

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