How Semi Trucks Contribute to Sustainable Transportation
How Semi Trucks Contribute to Sustainable Transportation

How Semi Trucks Contribute to Sustainable Transportation

Your first thought when it comes to semi trucks is probably not “sustainable transportation.” In fact, these types of vehicles are typically blasted for using diesel fuel. It’s well-known that burning fossil fuels like gasoline can have adverse effects on the environment. Diesel fuel is notoriously bad for the environment, and its emissions can damage vegetation and even produce acid rain. The impact of diesel fuel can be seen in the environment, the global climate, and in human health. So, knowing all of this, how do semi trucks in 2023 contribute to sustainable transportation? Trends in the trucking industry and trucking technology indicate that as we look ahead, eco-friendly trucks are the future. Sustainable transportation is one of the most important changes we are seeing in the global supply chain today. 

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Semi Trucks and the Environment

If you live anywhere in the United States, the chances of seeing a semi truck when you leave the house are high. You might see one parked behind a supermarket or a retail store. You also might see a FedEx or UPS truck before you even leave your neighborhood. Heavy duty vehicles are all around us, and there’s no question that they are imperative to today’s supply chain. That being said, emissions from these trucks have become a prominent problem to the environment. Semi trucks, buses, cement mixers, garbage trucks, and more are some of the biggest polluters on the road. However, these heavy duty vehicles provide very important services to the public. So how do we fix the issue at hand without completely getting rid of these services that allow society to function? Efforts to make more sustainable transportation are on the rise in the trucking industry. 

You might be wondering what the problem actually is with these large vehicles. These types of trucks make up just ten percent of the vehicles on the road. But they actually generate more than twenty five percent of global warming emissions in the transportation sector. As we continue to see a rise in the amount of freight we move each year, this number will only increase. Heat-trapping gasses like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane cover the atmosphere and cause global warming. These vehicles also have adverse effects on human health. Tailpipe pollution increases asthma rates, certain types of cancer, as well as heart and lung disease. Sustainable transportation is the answer in this scenario. 

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Sustainable Trends in the Trucking Industry 

The reason why these trucks produce so much pollution is because the majority of them use diesel fuel. But that’s not the only way these trucks affect the environment. All vehicles emit what is called particulate matter from the use of tires and brakes. Particulate matter actually causes many of the health issues listed in the last section. The amount of particulate matter emitted is closely tied to the weight of the vehicle. Hence, heavier vehicles emit more particulate matter than lighter vehicles. So, the big question now is: how do we fix it? 

Many trucking companies are facing pressure to improve their trucking technology and reduce carbon emissions more and more each year. These companies have been challenged to find problems within their supply chain and to fix them. And just in the past decade, we have seen trucking technology advance in the way of sustainable transportation immensely. Your first thought when it comes to sustainable transportation might be electric vehicles. While there are other ways to improve sustainability in the trucking industry, electric vehicles are a great place to start. 

Eco-Friendly Trucks and Solutions

Eco-friendly trucks, also known as alternative fuel vehicles, are the biggest solution to semi truck pollution. Diesel fuel is the main source of the problem, and eco-friendly vehicles get rid of this problem. Diesel trucks are only the standard because it is what was available historically. Now there are electric, hydro-electric, and renewable natural gas powered vehicles. While the technology is still relatively new, trends in the trucking industry are pointing toward these new solutions. However, many companies might not be able to afford the upfront costs of eco-friendly trucks. This is where equipping your existing fleet with sustainable trucking technology comes into play. 

A business might have a brand new diesel-powered fleet of trucks on its hands. It’s not practical to go out and buy alternative fuel vehicles in this case. But there’s no reason not to invest in emission-reducing technologies. These technologies include data-tracking, sensors, GPS, and more to optimize routes and identify areas for improvement. By reducing empty miles and tracking vehicles, companies can enhance their use of diesel fuel. This is both cost-effective and better for the environment. So just because you’re not using electric vehicles doesn’t automatically mean you can’t do anything to be more environmentally friendly. 

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