The Latest Innovations in Semi Truck Technology
The Latest Innovations in Semi Truck Technology

The Latest Innovations in Semi Truck Technology

Trucking is an industry that just keeps evolving over time. Truckers provide a necessary service that is always in demand. However, that does not mean that there aren’t ways to improve the way we deliver goods. Semi truck technology has advanced quite a bit even in the last decade or so. Coming into 2023, we’re seeing even more improvements that enhance safety, driver experience, and customer satisfaction. Now, keeping up with the latest trends can be hard in any industry. So, here’s a look at some of the trucking industry trends we’re seeing in 2023. 

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A Brief History of Semi Truck Technology

In order to understand the trucking industry trends of today, it’s important to take a look back. You might be surprised to learn that the first semi truck was created in 1898. But it wasn’t until the Winton Motor Carriage Company ran into a problem delivering vehicles that trucking became a solution. The company created their own auto-hauler. By 1910, the improvements made to roadways as well as engines and transmissions allowed trucking to skyrocket. By 1914, there were 100,000 trucks on the road. During World War I, the need for long-distance shipping inspired the switch from solid to inflatable tires. This was because trucks could travel further distances on inflatable tires. 

Then, in 1956, two things happened that revolutionized the shipping and trucking industry. The first was the Federal Highway Act. This law authorized the construction of highways all across the country. As a result, it became easier than ever for cars and trucks to travel from state to state. Of course, modern trucking would look completely different today if this act was never passed and the highways were never built. In the same year, Malcolm McLean introduced the intermodal shipping container. An intermodal shipping container is a standardized container that can move seamlessly between two different types of transportation. For example, a container can be moved from a truck directly onto a train or a ship. With no need to unpack and repack the product, this saves shippers quite a bit of time.

Semi Truck Technology to Watch Out For in 2023 

Of course, much has changed in the trucking industry since 1956. So what are the trends in transportation that you should keep an eye on in 2023? 

Electric Vehicles

As climate change becomes a bigger issue every day, more companies are feeling the heat. There is more and more pressure for businesses and the trucking industry at large to clean up their carbon footprint. Trucks and other heavy duty vehicles only make up about ten percent of the vehicles on the road. However, they generate more than twenty five percent of global warming emissions in the transportation sector. Most semi trucks run on diesel fuel, which contributes to the production of ground-level ozone. Ground-level ozone damages vegetation like crops and trees. And it can also take a toll on human health, causing asthma and respiratory illnesses. 

When something is bad for the environment, like littering, the solution is typically to end the problematic behavior. However, modern trucking and the global supply chain are both crucial to keep a functioning society in this day and age. This is a huge problem that the industry is trying to grapple with. It’s looking like electric vehicles are the future of semi truck technology and trends in transportation in general. Electric vehicles are not just a win for the environment but also for companies who are looking to save money on fuel. That’s why the introduction of new electric semi trucks like the Tesla Semi and the Volvo VNR Electric is exciting. 

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2023 Trends in Transportation

Dynamic routing is one semi truck technology trend to look out for in 2023. Ever since GPS hit the market, drivers have used it for route efficiency. However, dynamic routing takes the optimization of routes to a whole new level. This kind of software takes traffic information, vehicle tracking, and other data to rethink each step of the journey. Dynamic routing can take into account weather conditions, accidents, and road closures. Ultimately, this gives a driver the best route to save time and gas while keeping them safe. 

Gamification is another trend to keep track of this year. Essentially, gamification is exactly what it sounds like. It is software that makes a game out of trucking for drivers. Now, if you’ve never heard of this, you might be scratching your head. When companies implement this software, it allows drivers to compete to see who can drive the safest, most efficient route. Not only does this promote cost-efficiency, but it also promotes safety among drivers. It’s a great way to motivate your drivers to stay attentive and safe on the road. As a result, there have been fewer accidents and less fuel consumption with fleets that participate in gamification. 

Another trend to keep in mind this year is self-driving vehicles. People in the trucking industry have been looking forward to the day when trucks could drive themselves. However, the technology for completely autonomous vehicles is quite a ways off. But as more and more vehicles come equipped with self-driving technology, the industry is looking at this for the future. One company called TuSimple is leading the way in self-driving semi trucks. TuSimple and other companies are looking to use high-tech sensors and algorithms to optimize logistics for the whole supply chain. 

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Modern Trucking Technology

Trends in the trucking industry are ever evolving. Electric vehicles, dynamic routing, gamification, and self-driving vehicles are just scratching the surface of what’s to come in 2023. As more semi truck technology develops, the more positive the future of the trucking industry looks. From driver safety to fuel efficiency, there’s always a place to improve. Are you looking for a place to buy or sell a semi truck? If so, look no further than Handshake Fleet. We want to make the buying and selling experience as pleasant and easy as possible for you. If you have any questions about modern trucking or are interested in looking at our inventory, visit our website today

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