Top 5 Most Popular Semi Trucks in the US
Freightliner Cascadia
Freightliner Cascadia

You may often wonder, “what are the most popular semi-trucks in the US?” Based on widely available information, we have compiled this list of top brands by market share sales in the US. 

#1 Freightliner – Innovative, Technological, High Quality, Efficiency

#2 Kenworth – Technological, Zero Emissions, Paccar Powertrain

#3 Peterbilt – Versatility, Purposeful Innovation, Enduring Craftsmanship

#4 International/Navistar – Enhancing Safety, Improving Comfort, Productivity, 

#5 Volvo Trucks – Quality, Safety, Environmental Care

The five brands on this list account for about 80% of the vehicles on the road in recent years. These brands specifically manufacture heavy duty trucks, which is what is most driven in the U.S. for freight hauling purposes.      


Freightliner continues to lead as the number one favored truck in America. Many favor the design, fuel economy, and noise reduction. It owns about 40% of the truck industry. Freightliner highway trucks offer day, sleeper, and crew cab options. They’re built to handle all types of loads, and they house a 350-600 horsepower engine. Freightliner trucks are aerodynamically efficient, so they get good fuel efficiency which saves money in the long run. They are also typically less expensive to buy and operate than Peterbilt or Kenworth trucks.


Kenworth is known for having very technology heavy trucks. Its main use is for navigation, which many truckers report makes their trips less frustrating. In 2015, Kenworth sold around 150,000 semi-trucks. Kenworth trucks are made by the same parent company who makes Peterbilts. They tend to be a little bit heavier on materials and build than their Peterbilt counterparts. Kenworth loses out on some fuel efficiency as a result, but it also gives them a sturdy feel that drivers love.


With models like the Lonestar and the LT series, International shows off some good looks and quality trucks. These trucks are especially known for power and performance. That performance makes models like the Lonestar particularly good for special deliveries like cattle, horses, and other livestock.


Peterbilt is known for its medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Another well-known semi-truck manufacturer in the U.S, Peterbilt has a reputation for being tough and dependable. Peterbilt is under the PACCAR umbrella, the same company that owns Kenworth. While many drivers are loyal to what Peterbilt represents, there’s no denying the quality of these trucks. An example of this is that Peterbilt not only offers the most trucks with alternative fuel options, but their trucks also  feature aluminum bodies. This makes for a lighter and more fuel-efficient ride, but you may want to look at something else if you’re hauling heavy loads.

Volvo Trucks:

Volvo is a major brand globally. Volvo trucks are ranked fifth in the United States for heavy-duty truck manufacturing, but they are second internationally. Volvo Trucks now produce a wide range of on-highway and vocational Class 8 trucks. When drivers pick a Volvo, they can be certain that they are receiving a quality ride with an excellent support network, since they are produced by the same parent company that produces Mack trucks (The Volvo Group/AB Volvo).

Freightliner takes first place as the most popular semi-truck in America for this year. Whether you drive a Freightliner, Peterbilt, or Kenworth, every trucker driver has their favorite 18-wheeler. It’s a matter of personal preference, price, and your driving needs. What’s your opinion? Tell us in the comments section what you love about your truck and why it’s the best! And if you’re looking for your next truck, check out the listings our trucks page!

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