Where to Buy a Kenworth Truck From MHC
Where to Buy a Kenworth Truck From MHC

Where to Buy a Kenworth Truck From MHC

Do you know where to buy a Kenworth truck that’s specifically sold by MHC? The range of Kenworth trucks from the Murphy Hoffman Company are popular, quality trucks, often versatile enough to fit all of your needs. After doing plenty of research on the Kenworth trucks available from MHC and deciding one is right for you, you will need to know where to find Kenworth trucks for lease or purchase with MHC as the dealer/seller. In this article, we’ll discuss where to buy a Kenworth truck from MHC, and why you might choose a truck from this particular manufacturer and dealer/seller over other available options.

Kenworth Trucks for Sale

If you want to know where to buy a Kenworth truck for sale or lease by MHC, you need to first know if you want to buy a new or quality used Kenworth. New semi trucks will be in better condition than used semi trucks. They will also likely have a warranty to help with any repairs or damage that crop up. If you choose to look for used Kenworth trucks, you can still find a high-quality semi truck for an affordable price. It’s important to remember that the better condition a truck is in, the more you’ll need to invest in it upfront. 

Buying a Kenworth Truck

Instead of searching for Kenworth trucks for sale or lease by MHC and browsing endless listings, consider choosing Handshake Fleet. Handshake Fleet is the best place to find new and quality used semi trucks, including Kenworth trucks from MHC. Finding listings for Kenworth trucks is easy on our website. Handshake Fleet also makes it easy to find the specific trucks you’re interested in. Handshake Fleet’s website allows you to refine your search based on multiple factors.

You can refine your search based on the category of vehicle you want, as well as various subcategories as applicable. You can choose to see vehicles of a certain age, price, state, and reefer unit. You can also sort by manufacturer. Click the manufacturer dropdown and scroll down to Kenworth. The manufacturers are in alphabetical order, so if you are having trouble finding Kenworth, first find the Ks, and then Kenworth. From there, you can further refine your search as desired. After you have set desired criteria, click search and you can begin looking through some of our most popular trucks available. 

Handshake Fleet is the top resource for Kenworth trucks from MHC. We have many listings for these popular trucks at a variety of prices. You can find listings for trucks under $40,000 or more than $300,000. We have trucks with every feature you could desire. Take some time to peruse the trucks we have available to find the one best for your trucking lifestyle and career.

Kenworth Trucks From MHC

Before you decide where to buy a Kenworth truck from MHC, you should know what you can expect from these trucks. Kenworth offers both heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks. Whether you need a heavy-duty or medium-duty Kenworth truck, Handshake Fleet can connect you with one that’s right for you.

Heavy Duty

MHC has seven types of heavy-duty Kenworth trucks. These trucks include the T680 Next Gen, T680, T880, W900, W990, T800, and the C500. The T680 Next Gen is aerodynamic and fuel efficient. It offers up to 6% savings on fuel. Inside the cabin, you will find a 15-inch digital display to keep you up to date on the information you need to know to keep your truck running. The T680 is considered to be 5% more fuel efficient than other trucks. The T880 is a tough semi truck that’s both productive and efficient. The W900 is a more traditional truck, but just as tough and efficient as other Kenworth trucks from MHC. The W990 is a stylish truck with a luxurious feel. The T800 is a truck for regional hauling as it’s highly maneuverable. The C500 is durable and great for off-road work.

Medium Duty

The Kenworth trucks from MHC defined as medium duty include the T180, T280, T380, T480, T440, K270, K370, and the Electric K270E/K370 E. The T180 is a straight truck with a gross vehicle weight, or GVW, of up to 19,000 lbs. The T280 is a class 6 truck with a GVW of 26,000 lbs. The T380 is a class 7 truck with a GVW of 33,000 lbs. The T480 is a class 8 truck that exists right below heavy duty with a GVW of 66,000 lbs. The T440 features a spacious cab and a high-quality design that minimizes the need for repairs. The K270 is an efficient class 6 truck known for its reliability and efficiency. The K370 is great for weight-sensitive, high-volume loads. The Electric K270E/K370 E is an all-electric, zero-emission truck.


One of Kenworth’s biggest competitors is Freightliner. Both Kenworth and Freightliner have some of the most popular trucks. They are both US-based truck manufacturers with solid reputations. To get a better idea of which brand is right for you, let’s compare each brand’s most popular trucks: the Kenworth T680 and the Freightliner Cascadia. The Kenworth T680 costs between $150,000 to $170,000, while the Freightliner Cascadia costs around $132,000 to $150,000. If you want an aerodynamic truck with luxurious features, the Kenworth trucks might be for you, but if you want a very driver-friendly truck and advanced features, Freightliners might be for you.

Handshake Fleet

Whether you want to learn where to buy a Kenworth truck from MHC, a Freightliner, or another, connect with our team at Handshake Fleet. We can connect you with a range of trucks, including something for every budget. We will meet you with fantastic customer service and more than thirty years of experience.

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