Peterbilt 379 Performance and Capabilities
Peterbilt 379 Performance and Capabilities

Peterbilt 379 Performance and Capabilities

The flat top Peterbilt 379’s performance and capabilities make this semi truck model one of the most popular. The fact that it is no longer in production and yet maintains this level of popularity is a testament to the Peterbilt 379’s performance and capabilities. Although the Peterbilt 379 has not been in production since 2007, you can buy a used model and enjoy the Peterbilt 379’s performance and capabilities for yourself. If you want a dependable semi truck to get shipments from point A to point B, consider buying a used Peterbilt truck. In this article, you will learn about the Peterbilt 379’s performance and capabilities, more about Peterbilt sleepers, the flat top Peterbilt 379, and how to find a Peterbilt 379 for sale.

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What Is the Peterbilt 379?

Before we get into the Peterbilt 379 performance and capabilities, you need to understand what the Peterbilt 379 is. The Peterbilt 379 is a line of class 8 trucks. A class 8 truck is a truck with a gross weight rating of over 33,000 pounds. The gross weight rating is the maximum amount of weight a truck is allowed to be when fully loaded. This includes the truck, cargo, and the people inside. 

The Peterbilt 379 has two size options. If you want a standard Peterbilt 379, it will be 119’’. The extended length is 127’’. Choose the length that will fit your needs.

The Peterbilt 379 is no longer in production. When it was in production, from 1987 to 2007, it was incredibly popular. While in production, it was Peterbilt’s best selling model. Even now as a discontinued model, the Peterbilt 379 is popular amongst those looking to make a used truck purchase.

Flat Top Peterbilt 379

Now that you know what the Peterbilt 379 is, you need to understand the Peterbilt 379’s performance and capabilities before making a purchase decision. If you are traveling long distances, the interior of the flat top Peterbilt 379 will be of use to you. It features a roomy cabin with a contoured dashboard for a comfortable riding experience. 

The engine is just as great as the rest of the truck. There are three engine options. You could get a Peterbilt 379 with a Detroit Diesel (Series 60 12.7), a Cummins (ISX, N14, ISM), or a Caterpillar (C11, C12, C13, C16, C15, C156NZ, 3406C, 3406E)

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Peterbilt Sleepers

This truck is made for long-distance hauling. If you want to take these long journeys, you are going to need a Peterbilt sleeper like the ones that go with the Peterbilt 379. There are four detachable Peterbilt sleepers available for the Peterbilt 379. Each option is a different size and features options to fit the driver’s desired comfort and weight needs. Some of these options include rear climate control, audio control, auto inverter, TV bracket mounting capabilities, cabinets, and extra storage. 

For the safety of the truck driver and everyone else on the road, the truck driver must get enough sleep. Peterbilt sleepers give drivers a place to sleep no matter where they park. 

The Peterbilt sleepers offer impactful comfort. Sleeping in the driver’s seat does not offer comfort. Without at least a bit of comfort, it is difficult to rest long enough to make a difference. 

Peterbilt 379 for Sale

Are you looking for a Peterbilt 379 for sale? Knowing what you want out of your semi truck is just as important as which model you want to buy. The Peterbilt 379 performance and capabilities may vary depending on the specific used truck’s quality.

Not every truck within a single line is going to be the same. Trucks like the Peterbilt 379 have customization options. On top of choosing the Peterbilt 379, you will have to decide what customization options are available on the resale market and which ones you feel you need.

Beyond thinking about what your dream Peterbilt 379 looks like, you need to know where to find that dream semi truck. There are many places to shop for semi trucks like the Peterbilt 379.

What to Look For

The Peterbilt 379 is a great option for resale. It has many options for customization. The Peterbilt 379 performance and capabilities will vary depending on which options the used Peterbilt 379 has to offer. Wheelbases come in one-inch increments and six different frame rails. 

Although aerodynamics was not Peterbilt’s main focus for the Peterbilt 379 when it was in production, there are many things a buyer can look for to make their semi truck more aerodynamic. Side trim tabs, cab extenders, and a more aerodynamic roof fairing choice can make a large difference. A more aerodynamic semi truck experiences less drag. The more aerodynamic you can make your truck, the better your fuel efficiency will be. It could even give you a speed boost. 

Where to Buy the Peterbilt 379

There are many places where you can find the Peterbilt 379 for sale. Owner-operators can spend a lot of money on their trucks, so finding a good deal on a quality truck is important. The internet is a great place to start. Researching semi truck dealerships can help you find the ones that carry the Peterbilt 379. You will want to find one that will be able to explain Peterbilt 379 performance and capabilities in a clear way as well as the drawbacks. You want to find an honest seller. Make sure to ask questions before committing to a purchase.


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